All the frequent travelers out there who always worry that their mobile devices will run out of juice when they need them most should definitely give this gadget a try.
The Jackery Air is a super-slim portable mobile charger that’s about the size of an iPhone 5 and has a matching elegant look. On a full charge, the device is able to offer 2-4 charging cycles to any mobile device with a 5V power input.
Jackery Air: Super-slim Portable Mobile Charger
The device is available in two different models: a 2800mAh model that offers two full recharges to an iPhone 5 and a 5000mAh model able to recharge your smartphone three to four cycles. The two models will essentially look the same and have the same size, but the more powerful 5000mAh model will be a bit heavier, weighing 0.5 ounces more (5.5 ounces vs. 5 ounces for the 2800Ah model).
The Jackery Air is also able to hold a charge for up to six months when it’s not in use. Powered by a Samsung battery cell, the device will be able to recharge itself in 5-6 hours via an USB connection.
It is very easy to use, as all you’ll have to do is connect your mobile device and press the button on top of the charger to start the charging process. The Jackery Air’s button is also equipped with a three-color LED light which indicates the device’s battery levels.
The device can power your smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, portable gaming consoles and basically any other gadget that has a 5V input. Anyone traveling with a Jackery Air and a fully charged iPhone will have enough power to listen to over 160 hours of music and watch over 40 hours of video.
Jackery Air: Super-slim Portable Mobile Charger
The project has just ended its funding campaign on Kickstarter, sweeping past its $30,000 goal. Manufacturers have already created similar mobile charging products so they expect to start mass production on the Jackery Air as early as next month.
With plans to start shipping in late July or early August, the mobile charger is expected to retail for $69 to $89