Apple have finally released the latest version of their mobile operating system, the iOS 7.  It is almost completely different from any of the other versions that came before it and will find its way onto iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.
Apple iOS 7
Apple’s industrial designer, Sir Jonny Ive, has replaced the previous skeuomorphic designs and 3D effects for a “flat design”, a huge change for the six year old system.
So what can you look forward to?
Well the iOS 7 has a new lock screen; this is the first change in the history of iOS. The slide to unlock is now translucent above the background image.
Jonny Ive’s “flat design” can be seen in the default app icons and the iOS notifications. The notifications panel has a today view, which allows you to see friends’ birthdays, invitations, calendar, stocks and a quick look at tomorrow’s events. The keyboard is more white and has a translucency that lets you see what is underneath.
iOS 7 lets you multitask between all third-party apps, something that Android already offers. Like the previous iOS, you can double-tap the home button to enter the multi-tasking mode but the interface has had an overhaul.
Comparison of iOS 6 and iOS 7
Now when taking photos, the camera app lets you swipe between the camera type (panorama or HDR), this saves you messing around in the settings. Within the app you can search for photos based on the date they were taken and the location. If you want to make your photos look more professional, then Apple have added filters that you can play around with. Once you’ve finished making your photos look like they were taken by a pro, then you can share them via AirDrop, iCloud as well as shared photo streams. The same goes for your videos.
Safari too has had an update. There has been a resizing of the URL bar so you have more space to see what’s on the screen, as well as allowing you to go back and forth through your browser history. Another handy feature is that you are no longer limited to eight open tabs, the 3D rendering means you can have limitless tabs open at any time.
So after all the supposed predictions and rumours, finally we see a new and modern Apple mobile operating system. The next question is, when will we find out about the new phone to run it on?
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